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Dear Friend  / Linnea Freeman (Friend)
  Jan was so dear a friend that my children call her "Aunt Jan." 
We rented "renaissance house" together in 1988, and began our lifetime journeys of 12-step and therapeutic recovery work, as so many incest survivors are courageously beginning to do.  But Jan additionally had the gift of bipolar spurts of enery and creativity that she, very intelligent lady that she was, used to her full advantage.  She would spend days and nights at a time composing songs/poetry/stories.
  Anyone who knew her surely knew that she had "the gift of gab."  Since I was an intovert, her extroverted personality smoothed the way for me to meet other survivors---and for that I am forever grateful.  I have met some lifetime friends because of Jan,( one being her sister, Bev, I believe. )
My children, Farah, Farrell, and I, will remember her enthusiasm and zest for life in whatever she was involved in at the moment.  I, personally, remember her emotional pain as she struggled through the memories of her childhood.  She is an incredibly strong soul---with soft hands.
A Special Lady  / Florence Rothmel (friend)
Hardly a day goes by when I dont think of Janice. Although during the more recent years we maintained our friendship via email, I will always remember what fun times we had when we both were living in NYC. I miss my California friend, and am still getting over the shock of her death. She was a special lady. My sincere condolences go out to her family and friends.
thoughts / Berenice McKenna (A friend )
My friends call me Bree and I would like to send my condolences to family and friends of Janice Knowlton. I never met her personnaly but I read her book while I was in Iraq as a soldier and I contacted her. She emailed me back and we became pen pals. She would write me and I would write back. I sent her pics by email of things that I would see or do. She was an extremely nice person. She had total generosity towards me so she probably had it towards other people as well. Her family and Her suffered a whole lot but seems that they were strong and now try to live their days to the fullest which is what Janice did... I am sad that she passed away but I am sure that she is happy wherever she is and we will all be together at one point of time. 
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